A little about Shrinkray Interactive

As Shrinkray, I produce web experiences in WordPress and other tools. I started as a designer and storyteller in online training and transitioned to web experiences learning and building as I go. It's not just a tagline, my great interest is ...to build enterprising ideas that move. Want to see more? please explore my website, gregmiller.io and Shrinkray Labs, a UX Engineering Portfolio.

Clients and Collaborators

The types of teams I've chosen to work with are varied, but the goal was the same. We want to make the web a better place. In collaboration comes greater outcomes and results.

Why Choose to Work with Shrinkray?

I have been in the technology industry for 16 years and I have strong soft skills. I enjoy project management, sharing ideas, collaborating and building fun and useful things.


Long ago I joined the Junior Chamber of Commerce, (aka The Jaycees), where I developed professional skills in project management and recruitment. While the Jaycess have disappeared, the skills I gained remain. When I have free time I share what I know by helping run a few tech meetups, such as the Toledo Web Professionals, Toledo OpenHack, and Google Developer Group. These tech events help me stay abreast of changes in technology and give me a chance to meet professionals willing to share.